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Secure your seat for October's webinar: The plateau effect – don’t hit it, avoid it

Join us for a free EHS technology webinar on Thursday 24th of October where we will discuss why organisations are hitting a health and safety performance plateau, and how you can avoid it.

Despite financial investment and numerous business processes in place, many organisations have seen their health and safety performance plateau. But, why is this? What should leadership be doing? How can technology help?

Regulatory bodies, keynote speakers and trade publications are increasingly pointing to the fact that health and safety performance is plateauing after many years of improvement.

The danger of trends and statistics is that they can induce poor leadership behaviour, complacency and deprioritise safety. This raises the question of how we can drive continuous improvement when the metrics suggest performance is acceptable.

Join us for this free EHS technology webinar on Thursday 24th of October where will explore, how, in addition to thinking about national metrics, technology can support your focus on internal performance to keep driving improvement.

Key points that will be discussed include:

  • What behaviours are your leadership team displaying?
  • How can technology help drive better behaviours?
  • Does the job stop because of safety concerns?
  • What are the safety activities that our workforce should be doing?



24th October

11:00 AM BST

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24th October

12:30 PM Central

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24th October

11:00 AM NZDT

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