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Webinar series: The role of safety management software in healthcare to improve non-clinical safety compliance

NHSFacebookProfileWe are pleased to announce that SHE Software is launching a series of complimentary webinars specifically developed for the healthcare industry.  Each webinar will look at a different area of non-clinical safety management and will offer guidance on how safety management software will help keep healthcare organisations compliant in accordance with HSG65.

The first webinar will be held on Thursday 29th May at 10am and will focus on reducing the cost and admin time required to maintain compliance.
Using a live demo of the Assure system, this webinar will show how safety management software solution will:

  • Reduce accidents and associated costs including insurance premiums
  • Provide you with a flexible audit solution
  • Give you comprehensive contractor management
  • Produce comprehensive integrated reports quickly and easily
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Places at the webinar are limited.  You can register to attend by clicking here.

Should you have any questions regarding the webinar or safety management software please do not hesitate to contact us.