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The Value of Workplace Inspections Webinar: Register Your Place

Are you confident that your organisation is recording, monitoring and reducing the number of potential hazards that your workforce is exposed to daily?


Credible workplace safety inspections are often thought of as a 'checkbox' exercise, but if done correctly they can be extremely effective in helping drive positive safety performance and preventing incidents, injuries and illnesses.

Not only do they provide employees with a safety voice to report any concerns, they can also provide clear visibility of trends, identify, record and monitor steps taken to eliminate or control hazards. Best practice and improvement areas can also be shared with employees to promote an inclusive health and safety culture.

Webinar Details:  Thursday 25th January @ 3pm (GMT)


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The Value of Workplace Inspections Webinar


Join us for an informative 20-minute webinar plus questions on Thursday 25th January at 3pm where our team will discuss:

  • Common internal challenges faced around workplace inspections
  • How workplace inspections can help organisations move from reactive to proactive safety management and have a positive effect on safety culture
  • Driving valuable insights from data analysis to drive positive long-term change

The webinar will conclude with a demonstration of how health and safety software can help create, monitor and record credible workplace safety inspections. 

Places are limited so please don’t hesitate to register should you wish to attend.

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