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KISS and (the Data Will) Tell

Why isn’t your health and safety data acting as a cure-all to improve your health and safety performance? Join us for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, January 28th at 12:30pm CT to find out

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What is big data? 

Big data means something different to different people. Specifically, in the health and safety field, it is believed that the more data the better. Surely collecting as much data as possible will lead to more insights that will lead to better decision making...But that is not necessarily the case.  

Data for the sake of data will not send workers home safe at the end of each day, but in our experience gathering high-quality health and safety data can. There is an old adagethat is still spot-on – ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. This is especially true for organizations that are looking to improve their health and safety performance. 

Why isn’t more better? 

We’ve found that an organization’s workforce often view health and safety as a chore. Something to simply check-off to continue with the workday or even worse – completely avoid altogetherIf your workforce isn’t engaged in your health and safety program then how can your data be accurate to provide you with the insights needed to make proactive interactions. 

Join us for an informative webinar on Tuesday, January 28th at 12:30pm CT where we will be discussing how to improve the quality of health and safety information collected at your organization.   

Presenters will discuss: 

  • How to give your employees a safety voice  
  • Improving the flow, quality and consistency of data 
  • Using Business Intelligence tools to move to proactive safety management 


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