Top 5 Trends For Health and Safety in 2021

07 January 2021
When a year is almost over, it’s time for reflection of what has happened for the last 12 months—and, of course, that leads to speculating about what the new year will bring. At SHE Software we are always thinking about how important it is for health and safety organizations to be able to look at ...

Avoid the health and safety black hole and get visible by ditching your spreadsheets

17 December 2020
How challenging is it to ensure the visibility of health and safety performance and compliance across your organization? What role do spreadsheets play in your health and safety programs? If it seems like a great deal of important health and safety data and information is not easily accessible, it ...

No budget, no problem: How safety software delivers ROI to the business

29 October 2020
Company leadership teams often perceive health and safety as a cost center that does not contribute to revenue. Because of this, they try to keep investment in the area to a minimum. Health and safety professionals often tell us that they do not have a budget for software. We hear this far more ...

Announcing SHE Software’s first global virtual forum…’Business as Unusual’

23 June 2020
Safety is more important than ever. Coronavirus has been the most searched (and most discussed!)topic for the past few months placing an enormous spotlight on health and safety. Note: Data comes from Google Trends

KISS and (the Data Will) Tell

17 January 2020
Why isn’t your health and safety data acting as a cure-all to improve your health and safety performance? Join us for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, January 28th at 12:30pm CT to find out