Vlog: Why SHE Software?

11 May 2021
Choosing a health and safety software solution is an important decision: not only is safety software an investment in time and resources, but the system you choose will also have an enormous impact on the daily activities of your entire workforce.

Effective tools for working within the "new norm"

03 September 2020
The chorus of David Bowie’s iconic song “Changes,” starts with “Ch-ch-changes (Turn and face the strange).” This simple line sums up what most health and safety organizations are going through in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way of doing things has been shaken up.

The Missing Piece of the Health and Safety Jigsaw Puzzle Part 3: Data & Information

18 June 2020
The Health and Safety Jigsaw Puzzle is a combination of key pieces that can make a big difference in an organization, especially when technology is added to the mix. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, we introduced the first two pieces on leadership and engagement. In this blog post, we'll ...

KISS and (the Data Will) Tell

17 January 2020
Why isn’t your health and safety data acting as a cure-all to improve your health and safety performance? Join us for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, January 28th at 12:30pm CT to find out