How health and safety drives operational excellence

15 April 2021
How often have you sat in management meetings, or spoken with other health and safety professionals, and heard the words, ’operational excellence’ being spoken? Whether it’s talking about your own organization or others, it seems like a relatively lofty goal to achieve. Furthermore, what does ...

Why Health and Safety Matters to HR

02 April 2021
In the Happiness Toolkit, which has 21 exercises devoted to achieving happiness, the author explains that when people take steps to achieve happiness in their lives, they are healthier, less stressed, and achieve more. What might come as a surprise is that happiness has just as much impact in the ...

5 Ways That Safety Software Helps Keep Food And Drink Workers Safe And Healthy

16 March 2021
“Eat, drink, and be merry,” starts off with a positive premise, but the second part of the common phrase turns stark. It implies that since we can’t predict tomorrow, it’s important to enjoy the present. That might sound like a good way to approach living, but it is not an ideal way to operate ...

EHS Software: The foundation of improved health and safety for construction companies

05 March 2021
Consider these data points. In 2019, the number of fatalities on U.S. construction sites were 1,066. This fatality data probably isn’t all that surprising. Construction is a dangerous and inconsistent business. Worksites are rarely the same place twice. There are strict deadlines, budget ...

The Deadline for OSHA 300A is Approaching...

01 March 2021
The beginning of every year marks a new year for growth, reflection, and submitting your OSHA 300A. Amid a global pandemic, and hopeful change from the previous year, it might be easy to forget the electronic reporting of your OSHA 300A, but don’t let the deadline date of March 2, 2021 slip by.

DIY health and safety software: Why you shouldn’t do it

16 February 2021
Who doesn’t love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects? The home improvement channels are filled with programs that show eager homeowners taking on a major renovation project or novices trying their hands at flipping a property. The programs show these DIYers encountering a few bumps along the way, but in ...

2021's Definition of Safety Normalcy

09 February 2021
All of us are hoping that 2021 will be different from 2020. But how can it be if we keep doing the same things we’ve always done? If we don’t accept that things have fundamentally changed for good, we’ll be left spinning our wheels, wringing our hands as we see problems increase.  

Common Health and Safety Mistakes and How to Correct Them

02 February 2021
The pandemic has really shined a light on how much your employees want to feel safe at work and, even more importantly, leaving work. This is every employer’s legal and moral responsibility. 2020 showed us that health and safety in the workplace is not just about preventing accidents or adhering to ...

5 Requirements for Exceptional Health and Safety Leadership

25 January 2021
In old-time science fiction movies, an alien spaceship lands in a field or a city and the extraterrestrial creatures disembark and immediately say, “Take me to your leaders.” The aliens assume that Earth’s leaders are exceptional. The also assume that our planet’s leaders and inhabitants are ...

Top Tips to Reduce the Spread of Infection

19 January 2021
Infectious diseases pose a great threat to the workforce day in, day out, and have the capability to disrupt more than just business operations. Even in a “normal” year, we have to consider various “typical” illnesses and strive to mitigate transmission from one employee to another; but with COVID ...