Vlog: Reaction and Results From Investing in EHS Software

11 June 2021
Purchasing software is just the starting point on the road to health and safety management success. For best results, continually assess and evolve your safety processes.

Vlog: Let's talk EHS management software implementation

03 June 2021
A proper implementation of EHS management software will maximize the value of your new system so you can quickly take advantage of the process and efficiency improvements software provides.  Businesses that fail to define and achieve a software implementation plan might not realize the full ...

Vlog: How do you build a business case for EHS software

18 May 2021
Providing justification for investing in health and safety software is no easy feat. Safety professionals struggle to build a business case for a new solution because they typically:

Vlog: Why SHE Software?

11 May 2021
Choosing a health and safety software solution is an important decision: not only is safety software an investment in time and resources, but the system you choose will also have an enormous impact on the daily activities of your entire workforce.

The Spotlight on Safety Just Turned Up A Notch….Meet Douglas Parker

06 May 2021
Last month, President Biden nominated Douglas Parker to serve as the Assistant Secretary for the Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA). This is the signal we’ve been waiting for as big changes are in store for many business leaders and their organization’s safety programs.

Vlog: Why Start the Search for EHS Software

04 May 2021
Environmental, health and safety (EHS) is only getting bigger and more complex as time goes on. It can seem as if every other day there's more paperwork, more regulation and more details to fill out and file.

How health and safety drives operational excellence

15 April 2021
How often have you sat in management meetings, or spoken with other health and safety professionals, and heard the words, ’operational excellence’ being spoken? Whether it’s talking about your own organization or others, it seems like a relatively lofty goal to achieve. Furthermore, what does ...

Why Health and Safety Matters to HR

02 April 2021
In the Happiness Toolkit, which has 21 exercises devoted to achieving happiness, the author explains that when people take steps to achieve happiness in their lives, they are healthier, less stressed, and achieve more. What might come as a surprise is that happiness has just as much impact in the ...

5 Ways That Safety Software Helps Keep Food And Drink Workers Safe And Healthy

16 March 2021
“Eat, drink, and be merry,” starts off with a positive premise, but the second part of the common phrase turns stark. It implies that since we can’t predict tomorrow, it’s important to enjoy the present. That might sound like a good way to approach living, but it is not an ideal way to operate ...

EHS Software: The foundation of improved health and safety for construction companies

05 March 2021
Consider these data points. In 2019, the number of fatalities on U.S. construction sites were 1,066. This fatality data probably isn’t all that surprising. Construction is a dangerous and inconsistent business. Worksites are rarely the same place twice. There are strict deadlines, budget ...