Podcast: Two Bald Guys Talking Safety - Episode 1

23 September 2021
Two Bald Guys Talking Safety brings you the latest in all things health and safety. Langdon Dement, MS, CSP, AEP, and Paul Gibson cover topics on keeping employees healthy and safe by whatever means necessary.

SHE Software returns to NSC Safety Congress and Expo

21 September 2021
NSC Safety Congress and Expo is taking place in Orlando, FL from October 11 – 13. For more than 100 years, EHS professionals have turned to this world’s largest annual safety event for industry-leading technology, education and networking opportunities to find the products and services needed to ...

Safety Professional: Your First Year

16 September 2021
Welcome to your job

Studies show Health and Safety could make you a stock market winner

14 September 2021
As health and safety professionals we are challenged with an internal perception that safety is a cost center, particularly when you ask to invest in health and safety technology.  

Convince Your Boss: The Solid Business Case for EHS Software

01 September 2021
If you’re a health and safety professional, one would have thought, in a strange way, the pandemic could have made your job easier. After all, COVID-19 forced organizations to not only accelerate their safety, but also to digitize their operations. So you might think more decision-makers would rush ...

SHE Software to reopen the doors to its whisky pub at ASSP’s Safety 21

20 August 2021
ASSP’s Safety 21 is taking place in Austin, TX from September 13 - 15. The conference is an industry-defining event that brings together like-minded professionals to learn the latest trends in health and safety, understand what strategies your peers are implementing and the opportunity to explore ...

SHE Software acquires learning & engagement SaaS specialist, StoryShare

13 July 2021
  SHE Software is delighted to announce that it has acquired StoryShare, a leader in the rapidly expanding mobile and micro learning market. 80% of the world’s workforce (2.7 billion people) are deskless and on the frontline, underserved by traditional office-based technology.

Hidden Figures: How EHS Technology Keeps Engineers Healthy and Safe

22 June 2021
Your company might be in the energy, life science, manufacturing, industrial, or similar sector. However, if you employ or contract with engineers, it is also in the engineering industry. In many companies, engineers work machines on the factory floor or close to a production line, which puts them ...

Vlog: Reaction and Results From Investing in EHS Software

11 June 2021
Purchasing software is just the starting point on the road to health and safety management success. For best results, continually assess and evolve your safety processes.

Vlog: Let's talk EHS management software implementation

03 June 2021
A proper implementation of EHS management software will maximize the value of your new system so you can quickly take advantage of the process and efficiency improvements software provides.  Businesses that fail to define and achieve a software implementation plan might not realize the full ...