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US Webinar: Why does EHS management software fail?

Implementing an EHS software solution takes time and money – are you confident that your organization’s system was worth it?  


Here at SHE Software, we regularly speak to organizations who’ve invested in EHS management systems but are frustrated that their safety performance doesnt improve. 

This can be caused by a combination of a lack of senior leadership and engagement from the broader employee base.  

So how can you overcome these issues and make sure your EHS software solution is really helping to keep your people safe? 

Webinar details: Tuesday, October 16 at 11am CT 

Register Join us for an informative 30-minute webinar plus questions on Tuesday, October 16 where we will discuss: 

  • Behavioral safety programs: the good, the bad and the outright frustrating  
  • Building the value of safety for individuals 
  • How technology can help underpin a successful safety culture and improve safety performance