Flip the Coin on Your Health and Safety ROI

Would you spend £1 today to save £2 in the future? What if the savings were £4, £5 or £6 for every £1 spent right now?

KISS and (the Data Will) Tell

We are all familiar with the buzzwords, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and how technology is going to change the world. The truth is, these things are not going to become reality until organisations become good at gathering large volumes of data.

Engaging gen-z to baby boomers: h&s for a multi-generational workforce

Work in manufacturing? Then join us on 10th December for this co-hosted Make UK webinar.

Secure your seat for November's webinar: Turbo boost your health & safety management in 2020

Join us for a free EHS technology webinar on Thursday 21st November where we will discuss how organisations can streamline health and safety management, improve performance, engage your workforce and – most importantly – help improve the productivity of your health and safety team.

An Ounce or a Pound: Proactive Organisational Health and Safety

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Legend has it that this old saying was originally used to make the case for taking the steps necessary to prevent fires in Philadelphia instead of fighting them and cleaning up afterwards. It led to a creation of the Union Fire Company, which was ...

Secure your seat for October's webinar: The plateau effect – don’t hit it, avoid it

Join us for a free EHS technology webinar on Thursday 24th of October where we will discuss why organisations are hitting a health and safety performance plateau, and how you can avoid it.

Co-hosted Make UK webinar: moving to data driven decision making

Julian Taylor, Head of Solutions Architects at SHE Software will join Chris Newson, Head of Product Development at Make UK to discuss how digitalisation is changing the sector's approach to health and safety management.

UK Webinar: Give your workforce a safety voice

Many organisations tell us that despite investing in systems, process and training, they struggle to improve their health and safety performance. Often, we find it simply comes down to the willingness of employees to support the organisation’s health and safety performance.

UK Webinar: Getting to the events behind your health and safety data

From conversations with health and safety professionals, we often hear about the challenges faced when trying to drill down to the real insights that sit behind data relating to health, safety and compliance.  As a result, future safety activities across an organisation can be limited to data that ...

US Webinar: How data-driven insights can improve safety performance

  Every year we speak we thousands of safety professionals on how they capture and analyze their EHS data. These conversations have highlighted many organizations are dealing with how the under-reporting of unsafe acts, hazards and incidents affect a safety program or are overwhelmed with an ...