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What can design thinking teach us about improving employee engagement?

SHE Software did a breakfast seminar at the Health & Safety show in Birmingham on 'What can design thinking teach us about improving employee engagement?'.  

We recorded the main takeaways from the session as an on-demand webinar.


Studies have shown that organisations with higher employee engagement, reduce risks and experience significantly lower incident rates. However, this can often be challenging, with many facing a daily struggle to successfully engage their workforce in health and safety related activities.

In a world increasingly driven by technology, employees are being inundated with information from a multitude of sources. With an already busy schedule, health and safety related communications face the risk of becoming 'white noise'.

How can health and safety professionals overcome this and tap into new ways to increase engagement? What can experience design teach us about creating more engaging health and safety interactions?

Presenters discussed how organisations can apply ‘user experience’ principles to increase engagement in health and safety across their workforce.