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The Plateau Effect - don't hit it, avoid it!

How can organisations remove barriers to promote positive engagement in health and safety? What role does technology play in helping encourage engagement?


Regulatory bodies, keynote speakers and trade publications are all pointing to the fact that health and safety performance is plateauing after many years of improvement.


The danger of trends and statistics is that they can induce poor leadership behaviour, complacency and deprioritise safety. This raises the question of how we can drive continuous improvement when the metrics suggest performance is acceptable.


In this webinar we considered how, in addition to thinking about national metrics, technology can support an organisation's focus on internal performance to keep driving improvement. We also explored some of the key principles discussed in ISO 45001 which are recognised in supporting good health and safety performance.
Key takeaways from the session included:


  • The role of leadership
  • Engagement: avoiding ‘chicken and egg’ scenarios
  • How technology can help drive better behaviours