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Make the move from reactive, to proactive, to preventative.

Many organisations suffer from under-reporting of HSE data and/or a lack of meaningful information. Globally, we speak with hundreds of these organisations every year. We’re told they find it challenging to ensure the foundations of their health and safety plans are based on fact and that future initiatives are based on informed decisions.

Maintaining a flow of consistent, high quality data within an organisation is difficult. Often, it correlates with the engagement of the workforce in HSE initiatives. If staff do not understand why they should report events or the value and impact their reporting has, the information captured will suffer.

Technology provides a platform to apply simple change management principles to overcome this. The right technology drives employee engagement and provides a true understanding of the value in gathering health and safety metrics, thus improving data quality.

In this webinar, we explored how you can easily apply these principles to improve how you collect, interrogate and respond to the data you collect and how this helps you predict where preventative interventions will be most effective. 

Presenters discussed:

  • Improving the flow, quality and consistency of data 
  • Reporting best practices: considering the ‘why’ 
  • Supporting the move from reactive to proactive to preventative