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How technology translates safety data into actionable insight.

From regular conversations with safety professionals, we are seeing significant differences in how organisations capture and analyse data. From suffering the effects from under-reporting of unsafe acts, hazards and incidents, to having an abundance of safety information which is not being utilised.    

More often than not, this leads to flawed, dated safety data and an inaccurate view of safety performance and compliance.

Technology has the ability to transform how organisations collect, interrogate and respond to data-driven insights to improve safety performance. Using everyday devices to support how health and safety is managed can help increase the quality of data input, effectively identify trends, track leading indicators and predict where preventative measures will be most effective.

During this webinar, our presenters discussed:


  • how technology can improve the quality of safety data collected
  • translating and understanding data-insights
  • supporting the move from reactive to proactive safety management