UK Webinar - Driving value from safety audits and inspections

Many health and safety professionals will be familiar with the statement: "We did a safety audit and one year on, nobody has looked at it and we have unresolved actions."  How can you make your audits work for you?

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New customer announcement: Vital Energi

SHE Software is pleased to announce Vital Energi Utilities Ltd as a new customer of its health and safety software, Assure. 


Vital Energi has joined the SHE Software community.

One of the country’s longest established providers of community heating, Vital Energi has 30 years’ experience operating in the sustainable energy market. With blue chip clients ranging from local authorities, hospitals, to developers, the company provides complete solutions from initial proposal and design, to project implementation, operation and maintenance, and metering and billing, including funded energy solutions. Recent projects include St Andrews University, King’s Cross in London and the York Teaching Hospital.

 Vital Energi was looking for a health and safety software solution due to increasing business requirements as the company experienced a further period of rapid growth, with the number of contractors employed reaching over 250. They required more from what their existing health and safety management system could provide: such as further visibility, and real-time information.

 SHE Software’s health and safety software, Assure, will provide Vital Energi with a simple, yet comprehensive solution to easily record, inform, report and maintain visibility of health, safety and compliance across all employees and contractors as the company continues to grow.

 Recognising the importance of providing employees with a safety voice, Vital Energi will use the Assure Mobile App and Safety Management Portal to help strengthen an inclusive safety culture across their workforce. Assure will provide one convenient place for the company to share best practice, policies and guidance as well as providing employees with the ability to capture health and safety information on the go using a mobile device.

 Jane Coombs, Business Development Manager SHE Software, said:

 “We are delighted to welcome Vital Energi to our SHE Software community. I was extremely impressed how Vital Energi prioritised the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the public during a period of rapid growth and sought a health and safety software solution to help them manage their safety performance. We are looking forward to working closely with the team to help them proactively manage health and safety across their workforce as the business grows further.”

 Sean Black, SHEQ Director Vital Energi, added:

 “The importance of having real-time information to help support safety critical communication, and provide the tools needed to help reduce human error and influence behavior in order to ensure a safe place and systems of work, cannot be over emphasised. Our strong SHEQ culture has led to the selection of a databased management system, with the necessary features and functions to support informed decision making, to control risk across the business which is of paramount importance.

Vital Energi’s investment in the SHE Software Assure system is a key step to our evolution and implementation, helping us achieve improved efficiency, drive high performance management practices, and deliver business goals to safe guard people.”

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