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Join us for Tuesday’s HSM co-hosted webinar

What does a unicorn have to do with health and safety leadership within your organisation? Grab a cup of tea and join us for a complimentary co-hosted webinar at 10.30 am on Tuesday 14 January to find out! 



Perception vs reality: The leadership challenge  

When was the last time you truly saw inspirational leadership around health and safety in an organisation? 

We are not talking about the dedicated health and safety professionals but instead senior leadership. In other words, the people who set the tone and set the standardhelping define success. 

Does it exist? Or is it the mystical unicorn? 

Many health and safety professionals still struggle in convincing Senior Leaders of the need for investment, not just financial but also time and commitment, when it comes to health and safety. But why? 

Often it boils down to misconceptions and a lack of true understanding. If we already have a good health and safety culture, then nothing can go wrong – right? 


Ia significant number of cases documented, failure of leadership has been at the root of the problem in many instances. This can stem from the misconceptions and poor understanding of what should be incorporated into a positive health and safety culture. 

Join Julian Taylor, SHE Software and Mark Sennett, Editor of Health and Safety Matters for an informative webinar on Tuesday 14 January at 10.30am where they will be discussing the warning signs of poor leadership, using technology to propagate change and getting senior leadership to truly fly the health and safety flag for your organisation.  

Presenters will explore: 

  • The warning signs that point to a lack of leadership 
  • Do Senior Leadership truly understand your organisation’s risk profile? 
  • The knock-on effect of good leadership 
  • Making health and safety part of everyone’s DNA  
  • How to use health and safety data to inform better business decisions 


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