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The inaugural SHE Software Health and Safety Management awards

Outstanding Achievement award: Olympic Construction / Health & Safety Executive

Our pick of the best in the health and safety management industry for 2012

All eyes were on London this summer for the Olympic Games. But, while Sir Chris, Jess and Mo were peddling, puffing and panting into the record books and the nation’s hearts, safety’s role went unseen. That is, until a report conducted by Loughborough University highlighted the Health & Safety Executive for its contribution in delivering the Olympic project on time, on budget and – of course – safely, without a single fatality. Well done, guys!

Health and Safety Management Campaign of the Year award:Speak Up, Stay Safe / British Safety Council

The British Safety Council’s ‘Speak Up, Stay Safe’ campaign aims to raise awareness among young people in early employment about their responsibilities to themselves and others, and their employers’ duty of care towards them. It promises to help young people develop the good habits that will keep them safe throughout their working lives – junior members of staff should never be afraid to speak up if they’re worried about being injured at work and this campaign is full of useful hints and tips to help them do so. Two thumbs up from SHE Software.

Customer Achievement award: London City Airport

Just over three years ago London City Airport (LCY) radically streamlined its health and safety management system by deploying SHE Software as part of its airside safety strategy. As the system has evolved, staff can now report near misses from any computer at the airport. Importantly, they can also do so anonymously; something that LCY says has encouraged an increase in reporting and therefore gave them greater visibility into the safety situation. This year the company celebrates its 25th birthday and by way of a present we’re pleased to hand them the first ever Customer Achievement award. Congratulations!

Foot in Mouth award: Business Minister Michael Fallon / ‘Blitz on red tape’

The wooden spoon goes to Business Minister Michael Fallon for his ‘blitz on red tape’ pledge to scrap or re-write 3,000 out of 6,000 regulations. Now, when it comes to rules and regs, health and safety management is often an easy target for bureaucrat-bashing. If the minister had taken a closer look, however, he would have noticed there are only 200 health and safety regulations, meaning health and safety management is far from the headline target for his botched-blitz. Shame on you, Mr Fallon.

Sign of the Times award:

Competition was stiff in this category, with health & safety management wrongly cited as a reason to stop everything and anything from using Blu Tack in schools to banning blankets on airplanes. However, there has to be a winner and this year it goes to the bus driver that stopped a customer from boarding his bus with a hot drink on the grounds of health and safety. Pull yourself together!