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Healthy Working Lives Announces New Award Recipients

Over sixty workplaces were recognised by Healthy Working Lives as having implemented effective health and safety systems in a practical, logical way at its annual awards ceremony at the City of Glasgow College on October 11.

Gold, silver and bronze awards were given to companies to celebrate employers that create a healthier workforce by promoting information and activities in a wide range of health and safety areas, such as healthy eating and creating mentally healthy workplaces.  Awards were given for initiatives introduced across Glasgow, including stop smoking competitions, mentally healthy workplace manager training, cancer awareness campaigns and team participation in pedometer challenges.

One of the award winners was Springburn Contact Centre, Jobcentre Plus, that aimed to capture the enthusiasm around the Olympics by encouraging healthy activities in the office.  This was accomplished by forming office teams that competed against each other in various sporting events held one day a week during lunch time.  The Springburn Contact Centre also pursued a healthy lunchbox campaign and a campaign focused on cervical cancer awareness.

As highlighted in our post, “HSE budget cuts cause an increase in workplace injury and a drain on the public purse,” much more needs to be done in many companies to improve health and safety systems and reduce the high rate of work place injury in the UK. To that end, the awardees’ creative health and safety initiatives are a great source for employers looking to engage their employees in a more proactive approach to implementing health and safety systems in the workplace.

Against a backdrop of debate about health and safety regulation, decreased funding for inspectors and difficulties perceived by employers in providing effective health and safety leadership in the current economic climate, it is important to award employers that are making great strides in improving the workplace environment for their employees.  Hopefully the success of those companies, as recognised by Healthy Working Lives, will inspire others to bring an innovative and proactive approach to their own health and safety systems.