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Webinar: Improving your safety reporting culture

How can you be sure that your employees are actively engaged in making safety as a priority in the workplace, and that your reporting procedures are helping to capture crucial informationreporting3

What's the best way to prevent an accident? To avoid it! 

A successful safety culture is one where employees feel actively involved, engaged, and confident that their voices contribute positively to a safe working environment.

When people are centred in a safety culture, noting and reporting hazards – and acting upon them – becomes second nature, making safety a part of ‘the way we do things’.  

Webinar Details:  Thursday 31st May @ 3pm (GMT)

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Webinar: Improving your safety reporting culture

Join us for an informative 20-minute webinar, plus questions, on Thursday 31st May at 3pm where we will discuss:

  • Safety reporting: hazards, near misses and incidents
  • How to change the perception of safety reporting from a checklist exercise to a positive value 
  • How technology can help to develop an inclusive and proactive safety culture by giving employees a safety voice (including a demonstration of health and safety software)

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