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Webinar: Flip the Coin on Your Health and Safety ROI


Duration: 30 minutes 

Who should attend: Health and safety managers and directors 

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Our SHE Software New Zealand Team will discuss at how technology can help you translate your health and safety activities into positive ROI.  

About the webinar 

Would you spend $1 today to save $2 in the future? What if the savings were $4, $5 or $6 for every $1 spent right now?  

Presented this way, the argument for investment in health and safety is a no-brainer. Good health and safety makes sound business sense. Simple, right? So why isn’t everyone doing it?  

The problem often lies in communicating the benefits to those in upper management who just don’t “get it”.  

Health and safety is far more than a tick-box exercise to achieve compliance. Used properly, it is a tool for driving growth, uncovering risks, cutting costs and reducing employee churn. It can also provide a competitive edge in tender-based situations, helping to expand new business opportunities. 

So how can you illustrate the true value of good health and safety management?  

Positive safety performance, reducing risks and improving claims defensibility starts with improving the quality of information collected. Technology can help with this, as well as the crucial element of understanding your health and safety data, and how to act on it. 

This webinar will discuss  

Presenters will discuss from both a leadership and employee perspective:  

  • The importance of the leadership/employee relationship; 
  • Demonstrating value to different parts of the organisation; 
  • Measuring and bench-marking your health and safety ROI; 
  • How to talk the leadership ROI language. 


Who should attend?  

Health and safety managers and directors, those responsible for health and safety management and those responsible for improving efficiencies or implementing systems and technology. 

How do I register? 

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